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ArcheAge (EU/NA) → Up skill

Leveling up skill branch in ArcheAge:

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Level Price Срок
From 10 to 30 level 3$ per 1 level ~ 2 - 4 day
From 30 to 40 level 3$ per 1 level ~ 2 - 4 day
From 40 to 50 level 5.3$ per 1 level ~ 2 - 4 day
From 50 to 55 level 40$ per 1 level ~ 6 - 15 day


Contact with operator


The prices only per 1 skill branch 

If you order leveling up less than 5 levels, the price will be higher

For example:  You were leveling up to level 50 and then understood that you need another branch and decided to change this branch, new one will have low level. To level this new branch up to level 50, you need to kill creeps and gain experience points. This is the service of leveling up skill branch. 

The amount of experience points depends on class and equipment of your character and your social status in the game. 

The characters are leveled up without any additional programs.